4 Ways To Get A Picture Perfect Smile This Summer! [BLOG]

  • June 21, 2017

Summer is a time for special occasions like weddings, reunions, and other fun social events. And all these occasions celebrate the meaningful relationships in your life and, of course, will invite commemorating them with all kinds of pics!

Naturally, you’ll need to look your best. We hope today’s blog can help you. Our team at Amber Dental offers a wide variety of cosmetic dentistry options you can choose from for a picture perfect smile for all the snapshots you’ll take this summer!

Show Those Pearly Whites With Professional Teeth Whitening

Are you happy with the whiteness of your teeth? Chances are if you had the chance to brighten your smile a few shades, you’d jump at it. Your teeth will take on stains for all kinds of reasons, some you can control and some you can’t.

For example, if you drink coffee every morning or wind down each evening with a glass of red wine, your teeth will inevitably take on the stains from dark pigments in those drinks. Your teeth become discolored when you take certain medications, or if you smoke or use other forms of tobacco.

You can make an appointment at Amber Dental for professional teeth whitening treatment! And you have several different ways to achieve a whiter smile in our Sterling Heights dental office. From convenient take-home trays and whitening strips, to Zoom! Teeth Whitening and laser whitening right here in our office, you can go from dingy yellow to pearly white for a picture perfect smile.

Say Cheese With Dental Implants

One of the most troubling dental problems a person might deal with is missing teeth. Forget the embarrassing snapshot scenario, you don’t even want to spend much time in public at all. It can really have a profound impact on your self-confidence and your social life.

There’s also the issue of what missing teeth can do to your oral and overall health. So when it comes to tooth replacement options, dental implants are the best modern dentistry has to offer.

Dr. Ardelean and our highly-skilled team at Amber Dental can place a dental implant that will act as an artificial root, covered by a natural-looking dental restoration. You can resume your life eating the foods you love and smiling with confidence thanks to your full set of beautiful, long lasting dental implants!

Strike A Pose For Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’re aren’t missing any teeth and if you’re pretty happy with the color of your teeth, then you might benefit from other forms of cosmetic dentistry.

Minor damage to teeth like chips, cracks, or gaps for example, you can try tooth bonding. This is where a resin is bonded to your teeth, it covers the damage or the irregular shapes in your smile, and then it’s shaped and polished to perfection by our skilled professionals.

Or you can try dental veneers, which work in much the same way as bonding, but it uses thin porcelain shells instead of resin alone. And these shells are incredibly durable and natural-looking.

That’s just the beginning! At Amber Dental you can find just the right cosmetic procedure you need for a selfie-ready smile. It all starts with a phone call to our Sterling Heights dental office!

Smile For Sedation Dentistry

If anything has been holding you back from achieving the smile of your dreams, chances are it’s fear. Millions of Americans suffer from dental anxiety that keeps them from the dentist’s chair. It keeps people from their best oral health and their most beautiful smile.

At Amber Dental you can get the treatment you need for an improved smile thanks to our sedation dentistry. We offer nitrous oxide to help you relax so can comfortably receive treatment.

Let Amber Dental Get Your Smile Ready For The Camera!

Visit Dr. Ardelean and our experienced team and find out more about how we can beautify your smile for all the memory capturing you’ll do this summer.

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