Have An Infected Or Badly Damaged Tooth? Extracting It Can Help

Why Do Teeth Sometimes Need To Come Out?

Prevention and early detection are vital to maintaining healthy teeth. By catching any problems early, and by keeping your teeth clean, you can often avoid having a serious issue. Unfortunately, life sometimes gets in the way. If we see a severely damaged tooth, we will do everything we can to save it. In the end, however, our goal is to keep your mouth healthy. Sometimes, that means a tooth removal or tooth extractions in Sterling Heights, MI.

Here are some specific reasons a tooth might need to be extracted:

  • One or more cavities are so large that the tooth is in danger of fracturing open
  • The pulp inside the tooth has a severe infection
  • Gum disease has gotten so bad that a tooth will fall out eventually, so it’s better to extract it now to save you pain and discomfort later
  • Wisdom teeth have come in incorrectly and put the rest of your teeth in jeopardy
  • Your smile is overcrowded, and even Invisalign orthodontics won’t help
  • An injury or accident has broken a tooth beyond repair

A Root Canal Can Save a Tooth

When the bacteria that cause tooth decay get past the enamel, it can infect the pulp. Since this is where the tooth’s nerve endings are found, such an infection can cause a bad toothache. A root canal can usually remove the infection, but if the bacteria have been in there for too long, the chances of getting rid of all the bacteria might be slim to none. Unfortunately, there are times when a root canal won’t be successful and removing the tooth is the only option remaining.

When a Tooth Extractions is Necessary

The very first thing we do is make sure there are no other treatments to correct this problem. Once those have been ruled out, we will plan for the tooth removal. After we use a local anesthesia to completely numb the area, we loosen the tooth first before finally extracting it. Most tooth extractions can be done with minimal or even no discomfort.

How You Can Relax During Treatment

Being anxious about a tooth removal is common. To help get past any significant anxiety, we can offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas). This gas induces a happy, relaxed feeling that can get rid of anxiety and let you stay comfortable throughout the procedure.

Tooth removal or tooth extractions is not a decision to make lightly, but it is sometimes the best decision to keep you healthy and free from pain. Call a Sterling Heights, MI dentist at 586-739-1111 today or send us a message using our convenient online form to schedule your next toot removal / tooth extractions in Sterling Heights, MI appointment. We can also discuss tooth replacement options, such as dental implants, during your visit.