Damaged Teeth? Our Restorative Dentistry Can Fix Them

Restorative Dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI

Sitting down to dinner should not cause you any anxiety. The same is true for seeing your smile in the mirror each morning. These should be happy things, not causes for concern. It’s hard to look forward to seeing damaged teeth, and trying to eat with them can be difficult, to say the least. That’s why we offer a range of restorative dentistry services from Dr. Ardelean, your Sterling Heights, MI dentist.

Alternative to Silver Fillings

When you have a cavity, the common restorative dentistry treatment is to remove the damaged enamel and then fill in that area with a material that can protect the tooth and let you eat normally. But you do not need to have ugly fillings anymore. Instead, we use tooth-colored fillings at our Sterling Heights, MI dentist office. This repairs the tooth while being very hard to detect.

A tooth-colored filling isn’t the only way to take care of a cavity, however. With our inlays and onlays, we can seal up the damaged area without using any filling material. Instead, we cover the damage with a porcelain colored to match your existing tooth. This protects the tooth and helps prevent tooth decay from happening there again.

What Happens If A Cavity Is Too Big?

Inlays and onlays are great restorative dentistry treatments, but they can only cover so much of your tooth. And while fillings work nicely, they do put a little pressure on the rest of the tooth when you bite down on it. If you have a large cavity, all that extra pressure can actually fracture the tooth. To both seal up the damaged part and give the entire tooth extra strength, we can use a dental crown. These tooth-colored caps fit tightly over your tooth, looking exactly like a healthy tooth. And because a crown wraps around the whole tooth, it holds the tooth securely together.

When a Root Canal is Necessary

The same harmful bacteria that cause cavities can sometimes find their way inside of a tooth. When this happens, they infect the tooth’s pulp. The only way to end the pain and stop the tooth from having to be extracted is through a root canal. In this procedure, Dr. Ardelean will make a small opening in the tooth. Using special tools, he can remove the infected pulp and replace it with an inert material. Then he places a crown over the tooth to protect and strengthen it. Dr. Ardelean, Sterling Heights, MI dentist has done more than 1,000 root canals, so he is very experienced and knowledgeable about this restorative dentistry treatment.

Replacing a Missing Tooth

When people need replacement teeth, they often think of dentures. That’s fine, as dentures are great restorative dentistry treatments. But if you need a single tooth replaced, you have other options. A dental bridge uses a pair of crowns to hold a replacement tooth in the space left behind by the tooth. This replacement is made to order, so it will look and feel natural. For a more permanent option, a dental implant also uses a replacement tooth but has it attached to a titanium root implanted in your jawbone.

With our restorative dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI, we can help get back the strength, function, and beauty of a healthy smile. Call your Sterling Heights, MI dentist today at 586-739-1111 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next restorative dentistry appointment.