Don’t Want Metal Braces? Move Crooked Teeth With Invisalign

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When you smile, people expect to see your teeth aligned a certain way. They should face front, be snugly together, and create an even line across your top and bottom teeth. So when your teeth are crooked, crowded, gapped, misaligned, or reveal a bite issue, people aren’t quite sure how to react to your smile. If you are tired of having a misaligned smile, your Sterling Heights, MI dentist has a great solution: Invisalign “invisible braces.”

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that’s similar to but much better than traditional metal-and-wire braces. WIth braces, your teeth are gently pulled and pushed into a different alignment thanks to metal brackets cemented on your teeth. The wires connecting them are tightened in a certain way to move the teeth. Unfortunately, that not only means you look like a teenager (in a bad way), but you can sometimes catch your cheeks or lips on all that metal.

Invisalign still moves your teeth, but in a much different way. You wear a series of clear plastic trays similar to mouthguards that fit over your teeth. Each tray is slightly different, but they put gentle pressure on your teeth to move them incrementally just like braces. As you keep wearing new trays, your teeth move a little bit more until they’re finally in the right position. This clear aligners can straighten your smile just as accurately and safely as traditional metal braces. The only real difference is that Invisalign in Sterling Heights, MI is more comfortable and can move your teeth in much less time. And you don’t have to show everyone a mouth full of metal and wires.

Many Advantages Of Clear Aligners

There are several advantages to using clear aligners instead of metal braces, but the biggest is often the look. Wearing metal braces is inevitably associated with middle and high school years. It doesn’t make you look young; it makes you look immature. Invisalign aligners are  made with clear plastic. When you are wearing these “invisible braces,” the people at work are going to have a really hard time even noticing them. And because they allow your teeth to show through, you will look normal instead of immature.

Other advantages to using Invisalign include:

  • They are removable, so they will be very easy to clean. And as long as you remember to put them back in, you can take them out whenever you want.
  • They are much more comfortable in your mouth and will not catch on the inside of your cheeks or lips.
  • Having those metal brackets on your teeth for years can discolor or stain your teeth, but Invisalign will not do that.
  • You don’t have any food restrictions with Invisalign, since they can always be taken out while you eat and put back on after brushing and flossing.
  • They normally can be finished at least a year earlier than metal braces, yet they provide the same results of moving your teeth into proper alignment.
  • If you play sports, a small injury could be worse if you’re wearing metal braces, but not so with Invisalign.

Disadvantages of Invisalign

Nothing is perfect, so Invisalign does have two disadvantages. First, they may cost more than metal braces. We offer an Invisalign special to help offset the cost. Second, you will need to come into our Sterling Heights, MI dentist office every few weeks to get fitted for the next clear plastic tray. However, your trips will be less frequent with clear braces than they would be with metal braces.

While the cost can be a factor for some patients, clear aligners usually doesn’t work well if you have a dental bridge in your smile. But for some patients, it might simply be a case of not knowing all the advantages of using clear plastic trays for their orthodontic needs.

After Your Orthodontic Care

As with any orthodontic treatment, your teeth can slide back to their old position without a little help. When you have finished wearing the last of your clear plastic trays, you will probably need to wear a retainer that keeps your teeth in the right position long enough for them to stay put. Every patient is unique, of course, so your particular case might be different.

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