Since Problems Strike At Any Age, Family Dentistry Is For Everyone

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Dental problems such as cavities, gum disease, and misaligned teeth can happen to just about anyone. Yet children’s teeth normally require a different set of skills and techniques. At our Sterling Heights, MI dentist office, we provide comfortable family dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI. Dr. Ardelean and the whole team know how to treat your children’s dental needs. In fact, we can treat everyone in your family.

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Your Child’s First Dental Visit

In general, you should bring your child in for their first dental appointment around their first birthday. While this may sound early, it’s always best to start working on preventing issues rather than waiting for them to get big, expensive, and painful. At this first visit, we can also discuss with you any questions you might have about teething or thumb sucking, and ways to prevent accidents that can damage your child’s teeth.

The key to a successful first dental visit for a child is to make the experience as a whole enjoyable, relaxing, and fun. This helps your child get past any fear or anxiety about going to the dentist, which can have a long-lasting and positive effect on his or her dental health. Dr. Ardelean and the staff at our Sterling Heights, MI dentist office know how to make a child feel welcomed and safe.

The Problem With Thumb Sucking

It’s completely natural for a young child to suck on his or her thumb. But if thumb sucking persists for too long, it can cause problems with your child’s teeth and bite. If your child is sucking a thumb or even a pacifier after the permanent teeth have come in, then it’s likely that such continued behavior can create dental problems sooner or later. There are several ways to end thumb sucking, including praising your child for not sucking on the thumb or even using a bitter but safe coating on the thumb. Dr. Ardelean is happy to check your child’s teeth and make a recommendation best suited for your child.

Gentle Teething Solutions

An infant’s primary teeth come in at different times, but they generally start to appear after six months. Everyone is different, though. Some quickly get their teeth, while others seem to wait forever. But teething pain is a real thing that happens more often than not. Dr. Ardelean can examine your child’s mouth and recommend some ways to cut down on the pain, such as water-filled biting rings and analgesic medications.

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