If You Are Having A Dental Emergency, We Have Solutions

No matter how much we try to plan and control our lives, dental emergencies happen. If you are having a dental emergency in Sterling  Heights, MI , our Sterling Heights, MI dentist is here to help.

We’re Here For Your Dental Emergencies

There are no real hard-and-fast rules about what counts as a dental emergency in Sterling Heights, MI  or not, but here are some cases that definitely count: a tooth that’s fractured or broken; a tooth that has fallen or been knocked out; extreme pain in or near a tooth; a severe injury to the jaw, cheeks, or gums; or significant bleeding from the mouth.

If you are in discomfort, then you should call us immediately at 586-932-5219. There will be someone who can answer the call and give you the advice or help you need. We can usually see patients the same day they call.

What To Do About a Knocked Out Tooth

If one or more teeth have come out, rinse them gently in water and place them in a secure, clean container. Adding water or milk to cover the teeth is helpful, but the important thing is to keep them clean and available. When you come in for an emergency appointment, or if you go elsewhere, make sure to bring the teeth with you. While there are no guarantees, there’s always a chance we can save the teeth.

Resolve a Bad Toothache

If you are in extreme pain, then that definitely counts as a dental emergency, and you should call us to get a dental emergency appointment. Depending on why the tooth hurts so much, we might need to do a root canal, place a dental crown, or even remove the tooth. Sterling Heights, MI dentist Dr. Ardelean will do whatever he can to make you feel comfortable and correct the problem.

Emergency Appointments Are Available

We can normally see cases of dental emergency in Sterling Heights, MI  on the same day that you call, but of course that depends on several factors, including how many other emergencies we are working with. However, we promise to always bring you in as soon as possible if at all feasible.

Even if you are not sure if your case would count as a dental emergency, we are here to talk to you and get you the help you need fast. Call your Sterling Heights, MI dentist today at 586-739-1111 to discuss your options for dental emergency in Sterling Heights, MI.