Tired Of People Judging Your Smile? Cosmetic Treatments Can Help

Cosmetic Dentistry in  Sterling Heights, MI

When you smile at people you just met, do you worry about them silently judging you because your smile is unattractive? Like it or not, people will cast judgments when they see a smile full of yellow, damaged, or irregular teeth. But with our cosmetic dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI  treatments,  at Amber Dental can give you a smile that people will be envious about.

In-office Teeth Whitening Treatments

Your teeth are supposed to be white, but over time, certain foods and drinks can leave behind stains. Even plaque can make your teeth look yellowish and dingy. At our Sterling Heights, MI dentist office, we have several ways to whiten your teeth. We offer Zoom! professional-strength teeth whitening and laser whitening in our office. For more convenience, we also offer take-home trays and whitening strips.

Straighten Teeth Without Braces

While many adults could use orthodontics to help get their smiles straight and even, very few actually want to deal with metal braces. That’s why we offer Invisalign clear plastic trays. They can gently shift your teeth into proper alignment, but because they’re made from clear plastic, they are comfortable and almost impossible to notice.

What Happens If My Child’s Baby Teeth Fall Out Too Soon?

Primary teeth are supposed to come out, but since they serve as a guide for adult teeth, losing them too soon can make those adult teeth come in crooked. To help avoid this, we can provide a space maintainer. This small device keeps the space left behind by a primary tooth free from the neighboring teeth, so the adult one can come through just fine.

What Can Be Done About An Irregular Tooth?

Either through accidents or just genetics, sometimes your teeth might be irregularly shaped. Dents, cracks, and chips might not hurt, but they can certainly make your smile look awful. With our tooth bonding treatment, we flow a special tooth-colored resin over the front of your teeth, filling in any chips and covering stains with a natural, healthy appearance. Our tooth contouring can correct any irregularities in the shape of the tooth by carefully removing some of the enamel. We can even help your teeth look longer with crown lengthening, which involves adjusting your gums to expose more of your teeth.

Restore Gummy Smile, Receding Gums

While we expect to see some gums when you smile, no one wants to show off a lot of gums. It might not be a health issue, but it looks strange. To fix such a gummy smile, Sterling Height, MI dentist Dr. Ardelean can use a special dental laser to carefully reshape your gumline. This way, your teeth look normal and your smile is full of teeth, not gums.

If you have the opposite problem and your gums have begun to pull away from the teeth, we can surgically graft new tissue onto your existing gums. This not only makes your smile more attractive, but it can also make sure the roots of your teeth remain covered as they are designed to be.

What Is Snap-On Smile?

If you have several cosmetic dentistry issues with your smile, such as irregular teeth that are stained, a cost-effective option is Snap-On Smile. These are strong, attractive covers that fit over your existing teeth. By “snapping” on these arches of teeth, you instantly cover up any imperfections or stains, quickly gaining a bright, healthy smile.

Veneers Provide Beauty, Protection

Dental veneers can improve both the look and strength of your teeth. These ultra-thin shells of tough porcelain are custom-made for your particular teeth. They are bonded to the front of your teeth, covering over stains, chips, grooves, or similar problems with the healthy-looking shells. However, veneers also seal up any small bits of damage, helping preserve your teeth and making them even more durable. We offer traditional veneers and Lumineers prepless veneers.

With our cosmetic dentistry treatments, we can turn a smile that embarrasses you into something you will want to show the world. Call your trusted Sterling Heights, MI dentist today at 586-739-1111 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next appointment for cosmetic dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI.