Children Have Special Dental Needs, But We Can Meet Them

Children’s Dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI Dentist
If your child has some great dental appointments, and you help them develop good habits like brushing and flossing, you are setting the right stage for their future dental health. At our Sterling Heights, MI dental office, we know the importance of doing things right early on and can help your children have a great dental experience with children’s dentistry.   Dr. Ardelean is your choice for children’s dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI.

When Should A Child Have Their First Visit?

As a general rule of our service for children’s dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI, your child should have a first visit to the dental office around the time they turn one year old. Obviously, this visit won’t take too long. But it’s important for trusted Sterling Heights, MI dentist Dr. Ardelean to be able to see if your child’s teeth and gums are healthy early on.

How Can I Know If Teething Is Going Well?

When your young child starts teething, you’ll probably know. All of those primary teeth coming in through the gums can be painful and confusing to your child, so you can see your child being more fussy than usual and chewing on things more often. Unfortunately, this is completely natural. A low-grade fever sometimes presents during teething, but it normally goes away fast. If the fever lasts more than three days or gets above 101 degrees, call your pediatrician. And if you have any other concerns about teething, we are happy to take a look at what’s going on.

Can Thumb Sucking Hurt My Child’s Teeth?

For the most part, thumb sucking is not something to worry about. While it is true that thumb sucking can create problems with your child’s teeth and bite, this is being done to the primary teeth. Most children grow out of thumb sucking early on. However, if your child keeps sucking their thumb after adult teeth start to come in, we can offer a few ways to end this habit before it impacts the teeth.

Can Young Children Get Cavities?

Primary teeth are still teeth, so they are susceptible to the same risks as any teeth. That’s why children need to brush and floss regularly just like any adult. Depending on a number of factors such as diet and dental hygiene, children as young as two years old can get cavities.

Is There Anything To Help A Child Relax During A Dental Treatment?

The whole staff at our Sterling Heights, MI dentist office are experienced at working with children of all ages. We know how to be friendly, warm, and welcoming to help your child feel safe. That said, some children need a little extra help. For most children, we can offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help reduce any anxiety with coming to see the dentist.

We, Sterling Heights, MI dentist at Amber Dental, can help your children start great dental habits that can last a lifetime with our services for children’s dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI. Call us today at 586-739-1111 or use our convenient online form to schedule your child’s next children’s dentistry appointment.