Help! My Teeth Are So Bad, I’m Embarrassed To Smile!

Your teeth pull double duty. For one, they are there to help you eat and talk. But they’re also an important part of your look. When people are taking your picture, they expect you to show off your smile. And if you try to get around life without smiling, people will assume something is very wrong with you.

Yet that’s exactly how you feel when your smile looks horrible. No one wants to show off teeth that are chipped, yellow, tiny, or crooked. If you are tired of being embarrassed and dealing with the loss of self-esteem and confidence that a bad smile brings, the cosmetic dentistry treatments at our Sterling Heights, MI dental office will improve your smile — which will only make you happier.

Dental Veneers

If your teeth are chipped and dingy, then it makes sense that you don’t want to smile. Showing teeth that have so many imperfections is all but guaranteed to make people think twice about you. To improve both the shape and color of your teeth in one treatment, dental veneers are for you. These shells of porcelain are very thin but very tough. We place them over the front of your teeth, so they cover over all of those problems. Veneers can even be made just a bit bigger than your teeth so they cover any small gaps between teeth. We offer two kinds of veneers: traditional and Lumineers no-prep veneers.

Teeth Whitening

As you get older, your pearly white teeth can start to get dull. Coffee, wine, smoking, and plaque can all stain your teeth over time, and having a yellow, dingy smile is not something you want to show people. With our teeth whitening systems, you can get a Hollywood-bright smile and get back to smiling with pride. We offer take-home trays, Zoom! professional whitening, and laser teeth whitening.

Gum Reshaping

Maybe your teeth are decent, but you show more gums than teeth when you smile. Showing off so much of your gums when you smile looks odd, giving you a good reason to hide your smile. Such a “gummy smile” also makes your teeth look strangely small. Thankfully, our gum reshaping treatment can help. Dr. Ardelean uses a special dental laser to move your gumline away from your teeth, giving your smile a much more healthy look.


If your teeth are crooked, it looks bad. What’s worse are the ugly metal braces needed to move your teeth around. That’s why we offer Invisalign “invisible braces.” Similar to mouthguards, these clear plastic aligners fit comfortably over your teeth and gently shift them to where they belong. Invisalign takes much less time than traditional braces, and because they’re made from clear plastic, they are almost impossible to notice when worn.

It makes sense to be embarrassed to smile when your teeth look bad, but with our cosmetic dentistry treatments, we can fix those problems and give you a smile that makes you confident, assured, and happy. Call us today at 586-739-1111 or use our convenient online form to schedule your next appointment.