3 Reasons To Try Professional Teeth Whitening [BLOG]

  • July 11, 2017

If we asked you if you were satisfied with the color of your teeth, chances are you’d say no. Having a perfectly white smile is something most of us only see in movies. We tend to equate sparkling white teeth, then, with celebrities and high end cosmetic procedures.

Because of this, even though, you might wish you could have a whiter smile, you probably assume it’s out of your reach. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t still try to achieve it on your own.

The local drugstore has a whole shelf in the oral care section devoted to this very treatment. Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits come in all brands, methods, and prices, but you might assume that they can deliver on their promises, so you try one.

Unfortunately, they can’t whiten your teeth like a dentist can. That’s why Dr. Ardelean and our team at Amber Dental is talking about the reasons you should try a professional teeth whitening treatment.

We offer highly effective, safe, and affordable whitening options to give you a celebrity smile you thought you couldn’t have! If you need more convincing, then let’s take a minute to share three reasons to schedule your professional whitening treatment in our Sterling Heights dental office today!

Reason #1 – Cover The Stains Of Lifestyle

As you go through life, your teeth will take on the stains of your lifestyle. Even when you’re diligent about oral care at home, certain foods and drinks, over time, can leave your pearly whites more of a dingy yellow.

So maybe you begin each day with a cup of coffee. Then you enjoy a glass of iced tea at lunch, and maybe you have the occasional glass of red wine. Your favorite food is Italian, so you have red marinara once a week.

Now, all of these choices are fine and won’t stain your teeth if you just have them every now and then. But over the years, eventually it will change the color of your smile.

But thanks to professional teeth whitening treatment, you can reverse the evidence! You can talk to Dr. Ardelean about any lifestyle changes you may need to make temporarily, a day or two in some cases, so as not to hinder your results from our whitening system.

Reason #2 – Improve Your Self-Confidence

You could have a perfectly straight smile, but if you have discolored teeth, you’re not going to feel confident. You might avoid showing your teeth, cover your smile when you’re around others, or even avoid social interaction as much as you can.

A whiter smile is one that gives you the courage to hold your head high wherever you go!

Reason #3 – Look Years Younger

Age doesn’t discriminate. It happens to all of us, and while we can certainly try our hardest to look and feel as young as we can for as long as we can, you can’t stop the clock.

One of the ways your teeth are affected by age is by their changing color as you get older. Teeth whitening from Amber Dental will give you dramatic results people with notice. With a whiter smile, you can look years younger in a much faster and easier than cosmetic surgery and enhancements.

Get A Bright Summer Smile Now!

When you come in for your professional teeth whitening treatment at Amber Dental, Dr. Ardelean will talk to you about our options, treatments that can be done right here in our Sterling Heights dental office or in the convenience of your own home!

Our Zoom! whitening system can give you a dramatically whiter smile in a way that’s safe, effective, and fast! You can opt for an in-office laser treatment, or you might prefer to set your own pace of whitening with our take-home customized trays or whitening strips!

Now you have three reasons to try professional teeth whitening. The next step is to call Amber Dental at 586-739-1111 or fill out our online form to schedule a consultation!