Summer Vacation Doesn’t Have To Hurt Your Smile [BLOG]

  • June 11, 2017

Now that the kids are out of school, it’s time to plan that long-awaited, well-deserved family vacation! It’s exciting to think about all the fun experiences you’ll get to share with the people you love. New restaurants and delicious foods you haven’t tried before, interesting people and places… your vacation is the perfect time to share and record memories that you’ll cherish for many years to come.

Before you head to the airport or load up the car for your trip, our team at Amber Dental wants to remind you to keep dental care on your list of things to do, even though you’ll be away from home.

We hope today’s blog will give you some helpful pointers for protecting your family’s smiles this summer, particularly while planning your vacation. With a little planning ahead, you’ll be much more free to relax and enjoy your special trip together.

Here are three things to consider as you organize your family adventure!

1. Dental Emergencies While You’re Away From Home

Think back to the last time you were on vacation. Do you recall worrying about what you would do in the event that someone in your travel party had a medical emergency? We’re guessing no. At least, we certainly hope you didn’t have to worry about that!

But chances are, you didn’t give much thought to what you would do because, normally, you don’t have to. Unless you’re a thrill-seeking explorer who prefers the kind of travel adventures that place in you in more remote vacation spots, you’re likely going to be within a few miles of a hospital. Should disaster strike while you’re away from home, it’s not hard to find the kind of emergency medical attention you need.

But where would you go in the event of a dental emergency while on vacation? If you’re near Sterling Heights, you already know where to go. You know you can count on Dr. Ardelean and our team at Amber Dental to help you get the emergency dental care you need.

But as you plan for your trip, spend a few minutes researching the town or city you’ll be visiting for nearby emergency dental care. Be sure to write down and keep handy important contact information so that if you do need dental care in a hurry, you know where to find it!

2. Dental Procedures Before You Leave

If you need to have some dental work done, we can’t stress enough the importance of addressing it sooner rather than later. This isn’t just true because it’s best for your oral health, but in terms of your vacation, you’re going to be far more likely to be able to enjoy yourself

If you’re not in pain or uncomfortable because of a dental problem.

Schedule your procedure a few weeks in advance. You’ll want to make sure you give yourself plenty of recovery time. It also gives you time for a follow-up visit, if necessary. If you don’t allow for enough time to complete all the work you need, you could be on your trip wearing a temporary crown that could fall out or become loose, which would make you miserable!

3. Dental Cleanings And Exams Before Your Family Trip

One last thing before you head out on your vacation! Make sure you come to Amber Dental for a dental cleaning and exam. Dr. Ardelean and one of our highly-trained hygienists want to make sure your teeth and gums are strong and healthy. We can also make sure to address any problem a thorough exam might reveal.

Make Your Appointment TODAY!

We’re excited to hear all about your family vacation once you get back, but make sure you stop in for a checkup before you leave! We can get your family’s smiles healthy and picture perfect for the memories you’re about to make with your loved ones.

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