How Dental Anxiety Is Hurting Your Smile [BLOG]

  • May 26, 2017

Going to the dentist isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Even if it’s just for a routine dental cleaning and exam, it’s not something we necessarily look forward to. The antiseptic smell of a dental office, the sounds of mysterious tools that send chills up your spine while you sit in the waiting room, or the way you feel rushed through your appointment like a piece of machinery on an assembly line… all these things can make you feel increasingly uneasy as your appointment approaches.

While this is all quite understandable, there are a couple of things our team at Amber Dental wants you to know. First, not every dental experience has to feel this way.  We have a warm, caring team of professionals in our Sterling Heights, MI office who go out of our way to make you feel comfortable when you pay us a visit. So you can toss those unsettling imaginings you equate with the dentist aside.

Second, it’s perfectly normal to experience a certain level of anxiety as you approach any type of medical appointment. Many Americans, an estimated 30-40 million, in fact, have dental anxiety. You’re not alone. But there’s a certain segment of that population whose fears about going to the dentist keep them away from those appointments entirely.

This is where your fear and anxiety can become a problem. Today’s blog is about how dental anxiety can hurt your smile if you let it.

Dental Anxiety Can Be Harmful To Your Health

You may think that if you’re not experiencing any pain, skipping those routine dental checkups aren’t that big of a deal. But we’re here to tell you that it is a big deal.

Let’s talk about gum disease, for example. Gum disease is a slow moving infection. It all starts with bacteria that live in your mouth. Now, bacteria in your mouth is not necessarily a bad thing, believe it or not. It’s when that bacteria has a chance to feed and multiply that can pose potential threats to your oral and overall health.

That’s because when you eat, you leave behind food particles and sugars that bacteria feed off of, which then creates acids that weaken your tooth enamel. It also sneaks its way around and under your gumline because that’s where it usually finds those left behind particles and sugars.

You might be telling yourself, “Not in my mouth! I brush and floss every day!” Well, that’s wonderful, and you should definitely keep that up. The problem, though, is that those hard to reach places where bacteria like to nest is where plaque and tartar buildup can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums. If you’re not going the dentist regularly, all that junk isn’t being adequately cleaned away. It really requires the professional tools and a highly trained hygienist to keep your gumline clear of all that infection-causing debris. So while a good oral hygiene routine at home is a start, it’s not enough by itself to prevent gum disease.

What are the consequences of this type of infection? It can take years before you notice any symptoms, if you notice them at all, and by that point, it can be advanced enough to cause potential tooth loss and problems with your overall health such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

So the short of it is, yes, skipping dental checkups is a big deal, and it can threaten your oral and overall health. If you don’t try to overcome your dental anxiety, you’re putting yourself at risk. Let our team at Amber Dental help you keep that from happening. Let’s help you prevent these health issues before they have a chance to start!

Dental Anxiety Can Keep You From Having The Smile You Want

In addition to the ways fear can threaten your health, it can also stand in the way of the smile you’ve always dreamed of having. You deserve to love your smile when you look in the mirror. You deserve to feel confident when you’re around other people. You deserve to feel unhindered by embarrassing flaws and imperfections that plague your teeth.

When you let fear keep you from the dentist, you don’t allow yourself the chance to pursue cosmetic procedures, many of which are incredibly easy and noninvasive, that could beautify your smile and give you the confidence you’ve been missing.

Overcoming dental anxiety could get you one step closer to the radiant, beautiful smile you want and deserve!

Amber Dental Is Here To Help!

Don’t let fear control your oral health. Give Amber Dental in Sterling Heights, MI a call today at 586-739-1111 or fill out our online form to learn more about how we can help you overcome your dental anxiety.